At LINDEVIL, we want you to meet the real people behind the products we sell. Listed below are the independent and skilled individuals who are responsible for our production. 


As a seamstress and a huge supporter of local brands, she thrives on collaborating with designers to achieve their goals! If she’s not drowned in the studio she’s usually planning escapes out of the city or at good thrift store. Connect with her on Instagram via @phamxx or find her at @pigeonsandthread for work.


Freon Collective is a Toronto based, small-batch manufacturing company owned and operated by Nancy Mac. Freon Collective was born out of a passion for collaborating with small, independent brands and businesses. We work with a number of clients in and around the GTA to bring their products to life, focusing on all aspects of manufacturing and design, from consultations to pattern drafting, and sewing construction.



Emaan El-houni is a graduate from the Ryerson School of Fashion, majoring in Fashion Design. Sewing has always been her passion and she has pursued a career in fashion since a young age. When she’s not doing production Emaan teaches the next generation how to sew at an independent sewing school in Toronto. She’s also very busy working on her own freelance business making one of a kind garments for clients.