LINDEVIL is a company owned and operated out of Toronto, Canada. Our company is built on some very important beliefs. A belief in clothing that endures. A belief in styles that last longer than two months. And, most importantly, a belief that no human should suffer as a slave to create items sold at bargain price points. 

LINDEVIL stands strongly and proudly against fast fashion. Fast fashion refers to any company that moves styles from runway to consumers very, very rapidly. They change the style and selection of items in their stores and online several times each season. They utilize sweatshops and cheap labour in overseas countries such as China & Bangladesh, where workers (who are primarily women and children) are treated horrendously and often paid less than a dollar an hour. These workers usually live at the factories so they can work extensive hours every single day, and are constantly working and living in unsafe and often unclean conditions. This cheap labour force is needed to be able to provide fast fashion companies with extremely low cost items. As a result of the speed and low cost, the items are also often very poor quality. This results in the items breaking down quickly after purchase, leading to millions and millions of tonnes of clothing ending up in landfills every year. Throughout this entire system there are a wide variety of problems, ranging from the abuse of workers overseas to the contamination of the environment and contribution to a culture of over-consumption.

Every piece of our clothing is made by hand and to-order in Toronto. All of our products are made by independent, highly skilled seamstresses who work from home. We pay living wages and utilize only quality materials, and we charge what our items are worth. Together, let's take a stand against over-consumption and overseas abuse.

Fuck fast fashion.